Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chelsea, Marriage. Heart rendering, resume updates

I had never seen my son so overjoyed, emotional and elated as yesterday when Chelsea beat Manchester united 2-1 to keep their premiership title hopes alive. He now says, even if they dont win the EPL, it is enough that MU were beaten, that is good enough. Reminds me of my days as a school boy that beating Pakistan in cricket is good enough. Winning against Rest all teams does not matter.

I attended a marriage ceremony in the family today. The boy is from our community and got married to a girl from the local community (Kannada) in their tradition. It was different style and it was an experience to go through the protocols and rituals. Yes, the food served was also different.

I was appalled and outraged to read that tourists are paying money to see cows being killed by Lions as entertainment. Where we have come to. I think the moral and ethical values are hitting a lowest of low. I believe, god sees the truth, but waits. Every one who was part of the event as a witness or organizer, have to answer him one day!!!. The pity is that they wont realize that when their kith and kins suffer, they cant correlate that to their deeds (Or misdeeds??) as usually the kith and kin pay for their misdeeds. God help them.

I am glad to see that Mike and Mark have fulfilled the long standing need of folks form the manager tools forum. They have commenced the resume review service. At 50$ it is worth every penny as even the mediocre resume companies in India charge 40$ for review and comment on resumes. Some Indian sites charge 200US$ (Thats eye opening even for an Indian!!!!) Worth the try. I plan to get my done in the I week of May.

I was delighted to see now you can search for specific file type in google. (PDF, DOC etc). So should help pick some useful files to read or save.

Ok, Till next week, take it easy and take care; Live consciously.


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