Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wonderful Mementos and Celebrations

This week was full of travel and Mementos in view of my moving out.

The Bellary Seeds site in south India which was the first Monsanto site I worked on to set up ESH systems in 2000. I was out there for the Global safety award celebrations that the site had won this year (Only site in Asia Pacific and one of 18 sites to have won the global award from 150 sites). My boss Jolanta Paull, flew in from Melbourne for this memorable occaions.She was the guest of Honor.
After the ceremony and special Lunch, there was my farewell celebrations as I would have made my last visit to the site. I got a memorable Memento of Lord GANESH(Pic). This is an apt one as I feel that I need his blessings to take new challenges and responsibility.

There was more surprise in store, I got my long term service award, (5years), this was due in 2005 and I thought Monsanto Had missed the event, So it was a pleasant surprise to receive the Titan watch. It was great feeling.
More, today I had a farewell Lunch with Jolanta, back in Bangalore, and the climax was complete When she handed me A CITIZEN ECO DRIVE WATCH. My wife always wanted to get me one on Birthdays/ wedding day, and I refused. So it was great feeling that the Two cancerian women in my life (Lalitha and Jolanta in Photos) planned and fulfilled it. The only sad part the 3rd cancerian women in Michelle couldnt make it. We all Missed you Michelle.
It couldn't have been a better week in my life, The feeling is great.


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