Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ostrich and My move out of Monsanto.

This week Was very eventful for some things to happen.

My announcement about Moving out of Monsanto was released. It was a tough decision I tell you, in my 21 year career. Seven years just went by, the fact that I will be out of Monsanto in about 4 weeks time in sinking in. Ofcourse, as I will continue to be based in Bangalore for the Honeywell Transportation systems Assignment as Global HSE Manager, without affecting the family interest is a sense of satisfaction that you can go without compromising the needs of the dear and near.

This week, I happen to see live "Ostrich" moving around in the restaurant I had lunch while traveling from Aurangabad to Pune. This place is 20 Kms after Ahmednagar (95 Kms from Pune)and the Place is called "Smile Stone". The food was also very good and so the time to see and feed Ostrich. It relaxes you a lot esply on a long highway journey. See the photos.

See the Profile of the man who downed Brasil. Henry (pronounced Aannrie) master tactician who rose to the demanding occasion. For him,This would also heal some wounds after the European championship final, were Arsenal were given a raw deal by the refree.
Also go thro Erin Pavlina website lot of good information.

Have a good week ahead.
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