Saturday, March 10, 2018

Dei Trump! Collaborate with enemy! 0 Hour! Men's day???

Housekeeping:- 1) Today (10th March) is Dad's 8th Month ceremony. As usual Lalitha was in her elements (I just wonder, what I would do without her!!),this time additional burden of finding a Priest as our regular priest is hospitalised. My Nephew (Gayathri's only son) Prashant is here to attend the event. (Prashant was in UK doing his studies when dad passed away in August). We 3 bearded men!!! ahhahah!! Like me, he stopped watching movies at 23, says how the fuck he wasted 21/2 hrs each time!!  ( I did at 25, 1989) hahahhah!!!

Me, Shravan, Prashant.
2) Air Asia experience this week to Hyderabad is pleasant experience. Good leather seats, Recline (!!) as well as hot food besides faster checkin for baggage's. ( I have decided to drop bag with the condition that it comes up first!! Happened both times!).... I think I may say Goodbye to Indigo forever soon.


Amazing, Awesome, Astonishing, Trump is just doing the impossible! Steel Aluminium tariff!! No one could have imagined, as if this is not enough, he just stunned the South Korean delegation with Oh, Yes arrange meeting!! WOW! This is just going beyond!! Trump is setting world on fire! Another matter people don't trust him and resign enmass from White House! All Said & done needle moving unlike மூதேவி மொகரக்கடை மோடி பரதேசி பய!! hahahah!!
In the flight,finished reading an awesome book "Collaborating with the enemy" Just mind blowing to bend your mind!! hahahhahah! For a HIGH "D" like me, who care a hoot generally for fellow human being with "I DONT HAVE MIND, YOU DONT MATTER" a few things to learn and enage! Awesome aspects.... 

1997, Pre 9/11 no cyber era, No Google, No High speed internet, Mobiles, Cameras,  How do you chase a terrorist you try to blow New York Wall Street Area!! Well Read "ZERO HOUR"! Finder in his best elements. I just could not put down!! 

Hhahah! What the fuck is Men's day? When is that! Here is the video!! 

Take it easy, take care, stay safe God Bless
10/3/18, 1700 Hrs. 
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