Saturday, June 16, 2012

PARAMACHARYA Photo Karaikudi......


I was talking to my classmate at college, settled in NJ last evening and we were discussing about how parents are stuck to home town and don't want to move. I was sharing my experience of my Mother not wanting to move with us for the simple reason to light lamp on the sage of Kanchi photo, installed 30 years back. The beauty was that the painting was done for my uncle, who couldn't find a place to fit it in his rented apt. He passed it to his brother (My father) and it arrived at Karaikudi during Shankara Jayanthi time May 1982. Also the person who painted the picture is a non Hindu and who had never seen Paramacharya in person...... Also the frame shop at Karaikudi was owned and by another person from the same community and didn't take a  Rupee for this. The photo used to adorn all Paramacharya birthday celebrations venue till a permanent Shankar mutt was built at Karaikudi.
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