Thursday, June 30, 2011

Son's Birthday, 200 posts.....

POST #200
Yesterday, 29th June was my Son's birthday. He enters 18 and next his birthday may be away from home. It was simple occasion due to his tight time pressure of school, exams, coaching classes. Incidentally 3 in our family share birthday on the same date. A nephew and niece too. Also a good friend of  mine makes 4 persons to greet on this day.

Mischeivious Nephew causing the commotion.

The occasion was electrified by the presence of 2 year nephew, who is running amok like Bull in the Chinaware shop. 2 ink bottles, Sauce bottle, papers all just disappeared in to dust bin. Yes Quite a few injury to himself on falls. (minor) His presence ofcourse, is magical; Kids enliven the home.

Daughter ordered CAKE Son call her Shody so  the name on cake.

  I had another surprise when my good friend of 20 years and Ex- Colleague (SANDOZ) met Marshall Goldsmith at the leadership program in Dartmouth USA last week. During the 2 min conversation post program, he mentioned, me being his fan and that I propogate my little bit about Marshall's work to my friends. Marshall Gifted a personally signed copy of his book" What Got you Here, Won't get you there" for me. The beauty was just 3 weeks back, I had passed on my personal copy to a good friend.

Till next time take it easy and take care; Live consciously.
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