Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Big Brother

I am in Guangzhou, China this week for 2 weeks on Business travel. I am very excited to be here in this great country which has culture, value and civilisation that is as old as India.No wonder they are the big brother of India.

Guangzhou is in the southeast China and is about 100 Miles north of Hongkong. This is a city with a population of 5 Million. The first impression is China is Huge and the infrastructure is vast. The roads are well developed for transportation. After seeing quiet places in West, it was fun to see people busting on the roads in 1000s. You feel you are in Bombay or Bangalore. The traffic is chaotic, there are 3 to 4 people traveling on 2 wheeler and the bus conductors screaming for passengers / working out negotiations reminds you of the Indian street scenes.

Yes, English is a big issue in streets and even in a big city like Guangzhou is no exception. You struggle to communicate what do you want. In my case being a vegetarian, its a nightmare. Anyway the experience to be in the land of Confucius is great.
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