Sunday, October 15, 2006

English Football League

Today I had a chance to come to terms with the English football league. I had been to a I division English league match between Preston North end vs Sunderland. Preston is the place I stay and so I was in the home team fan club. I sat on the top grand stand view and was in the crowd of 20,000 people for this sold out match. The atmosphere was electric and something fantastic, after seeing cricket crowd in India, I should say this is different, with all the comments etc that come from the stands. It was a great experience to see live about English football over which you hear about Radio and TV of late now.

Preston won 4-1 for the records so there were plenty of goals.

I also visited the national football museum in Preston, This team was one of the premier founder of English football league in 1888, so has lot of historical significance and contributed a lot, It was great to see all the world cup action snap shots, as well as to hear about my English favourites like Linekar, Gascoigne, Cantana, etc etc and see the actions in replay in this huge museum.

I also bumped in to former Manchester United captain and Irish football player Roy Keane, Couldn't get his autograph though. So it was a good time and the 4 hrs went just like that.

Pl find some of the snaps.

Things are going great, I had a good time in USA and I look forward to my Romania visit. I am learning a lot here, and the scale of operations are huge to say the least.
I am reading Tipping point by Malcom Gladwell, Will comment about that book soon.

Take care

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