Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chennai Trip

This week I had been to Chennai for a Upanayanam of my Sandoz colleague Vijay's Son, Kailash. Vijay and me commenced our professional careers around the same time in the late 80s. We got married , children and moved out Ankleshwar around the same time. Vijay moved to Bombay with Sandoz Pharma finance, I moved to Astra Zenecca for I wanted to relocate to South. Vijay came all the way for my Son's Thread ceremony at my home town last year.

The event gave me an opportunity to meet Sandoz colleagues as well as other Friends who had come for the event and we caught up on happenings. Some of them I met after 12 years. The discussions lead to some astounding results. This was also confirmed when I met guys from other cos who were present.

  • Come what may, You need to be in the inner circle in the organizations to get fast track growth.
  • You need to Manage perception too along with performance, to have career progression.
  • Long term employments are becoming thing of the past. Every one wants fast track growth and rewards that show external signs of growth and prosperity.
  • People at very senior levels are capable to project that " after Me its deluge" and enhance their importance.

I think you all will agree with this, I guess.

By the way, Madras hot and humid and the family managed it. The kids got a feel for the Shatabdi train experience, they liked it; thought the train was 1 Hr late.

Have a great week ahead and enjoy the Mother' day. I fulfilled a long time dream to get something for my mother as Mother's day gift, when she is around and managed to get some jewelry for her. My wife made the selection.


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